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1775 was a year that changed everything for the American continent. Although 1776 is most remembered as the year independence was declared in what would become the United States, the war for independence began earlier. 1775 saw the battles at Lexington and Concord and the famous shot heard round the world. In this year Paul Revere made his most famous alarm ride (but not his only). Even the Battle of Bunker Hill which proved the intentions of both sides beyond a doubt was fought in this watershed year.



  This exciting new historical series will include the Paul Revere House (above) and a battlefield model of Lexington Massachusetts (right)  designed by precision architectural modeler Roger Mason. An added bonus model is a 1/12 scale 6 lb. field cannon like those the British troops had with them on the way to Concord.



Battlefield model is 21"x 32"

1/12 scale 6 lb. cannon

Whole battlefield view

all 14 historic buildings!

British Troops taking up positions

Revere House street view



The Green Dragon

Called a "Nest of traitors" by the British. This is where Paul Revere met with other patriots before leaving on his alarm ride to Lexington. We are offering it as a free model for you, to whet your appetite for our historic Lexington series.


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