Delta 7 Studios started in 1999 and sold our first models in 2000. Largely we got our start with the encouragement of the late great Chip Fyn of Fiddlers Green fame. Chip built a community of modelers and designers once known as the Green Fiends. It was really an Algonquin Round Table of great model talent and skill. If you had a model idea, a design problem or a question these guys were an amazing resource.

Now more than 16 years later we are still kicking along and hoping to bring you more great models. We are in the process of making all our models available as instant downloads, in your hands faster and at better prices.

It's always our hope to encourage new builders and new designers. We hope you enjoy your Delta 7 experience.


About our name

All the original seven Mercury Astronauts named their own vehicles and used "7" in the name. Al Shepard's Freedom 7 was first then came Liberty Bell 7, Friendship 7, Aurora 7, Sigma 7 and Gordo Cooper's Faith 7 was last. If you are keeping count you might notice that there are only 6 missions. Deke Slayton was supposed to fly the fourth mission when he was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat and bumped from flying status. If you had not guessed already his ship was to be named Delta 7. Our name and logo was inspired by the idea of what might have been.
  Don't feel too bad for ol' Deke. He managed to get reassigned as the Director of Flight Crew Operations and eventually, when his heart returned to normal, he was returned to flight status. In February of 1973 Deke finally flew into space as docking module pilot for the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project.

About paper models
Paper models have probably been around as long as paper. There are surviving examples of people using paper for construction of scale models at least since the 1500's. During WWII when strategic materials like plastic, metal and wood were all in short supply paper models became popular in the United States. After the war plastic models rose to prominence in the US but not in all of the world. In Germany, England and many of the European and Asian countries paper models continued to grow. In the computer age pre-printed models have begun to decline in favor of affordable digital models, There are still some amazing companies making printed paper models and we highly recommend that if you enjoy our models you try some of these also.