NASA Wasn't the only Government agency with its eyes on the stars. The USAF developed and built a space program of its own with astronauts, training and equipment. Of course they never actually flew in far as we know.

An actual US Air Force photo of the Gemini Blue spacecraft.

A customer photo of the Rogallo wing Gemini in flight.

Gemini Ferry. Designed to carry astronauts and equipment to space stations. The Space Shuttle system would eventually do this job.  1/24th scale

Gemini Rogallo Wing vehicle.
Designed to land on the ground under a rogallo parachute.  1/24 scale

Gemini Rescue. Designed to save astronauts in orbital emergency situations. 1/24 scale

MOL or Manned Orbiting Laboratory designed to be our first space station. 1/24 scale

ASWP Advanced Space Weapons Platform. This would be a satellite killer designed to launch guided rockets at enemy military space targets. 1/24 scale

The Titan III Rocket. Designed for heavier lifting than the standard Titan II that lifted all the NASA Gemini flights. This is a 1/96th scale model