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Come set sail with history.

 This new series from designer Matt Sparks was more than a year in creation. Painstakingly researched and wonderfully brought back to life, Robert Fulton's ships sparkle with creativity and invention. Here in one series are the famous Nautilus submarine that Fulton tried to sell to Napoleon and the Clermont that set the stage for every other steamship. Also here are his less well known but possibly more historically significant New Orleans (first commercial steamship) and Demologos (first steam powered warship).

    These models are simple enough in construction to allow students to explore these amazing subjects also.





Great Details

Your CD ROM comes with the PDF files to print out the parts and directions for these great models. The masts, booms and riggings are optional and can be created with wood dowels and thread that can be found at your hobby or craft store. The detailed directions include information to make your models look exactly like those pictured.

The models can be printed and built as many times as you like, even for a class.



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