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Happy Customer Gallery


 paper models of spacecraft and space reSlated vehicles come in and look around

Some great pictures from our customers

(letters below)

 Tim Allen sent us these great shots of his Gemini build.

t allen 1 

Tim did a little modification to present both doors open. Very nice.

Nice base too.

T allen 2 

This beautiful docked Gemini

was sent in by Lee Anne Ward

lee anne ward 

Sven Knudson takes home first place at the 2007 IPMS Nationals!

The model: A scaled down Delta 7 Mercury!




Gary uses a plotter printer to super size his models


Letters and pictures from customers

Dan, I am having a blast at making things that "never existed", seem to have existed.  Overall I am VERY impressed in the quality of
your work (illustration and the whole graphic bit)          

  Can't wait for the Gemini and X
plane Model's!

Marc Thorner
New York, New York


Hello Dan,

Here is a picture for your gallery.
I have made many plastic models. This paper models are more detailed! 
I like them very much and can't waite for "Project Gemini".


Theo, Groningen, The Netherlands


This model of Gordo Cooper's Faith 7 just won Best Of Show at an IPMS meet in Denver. Congratulations to model builder Barry Lank.  Apparently most of the people at the show had mistakenly thought it was an expensive resin model. Nope, just a little paper and glue. 

Pictures of the trophy will be forthcoming.


Delta7 Studios,

Here's a picture of my first Mercury capsule for your models gallery. I'm not the greatest photographer, so I hope the picture does your model justice. I can definitely tell you its stunning in person and went together without a hitch.

I saw on your website that a Gemini series is coming soon. I also heard you plan do do an Apollo series. If you do, put me on the list for a CD of each.

Regards,   Joe C, NY


Sorry, no pictures from Jim.

Hi Dan,

  I am a very happy customer, with your Grissom/Mercury capsule kit CD-ROM.

Can't wait for the Gemini (and beyond) kits!  I hope that you are getting the business that you had hoped for.  Keep it up!

  Kind regards,

Jim Murray, Arlington, Texas


Hello Dan,

  I though you might be interested to see what I have built from your model files.  Pardon the image quality.  I grabbed a frame from my camcorder.

I printed a metallic silver spot color on the Atlas parts using an ALPS MD-1300 printer.  I used Adobe PhotoShop to re-scale the parts of the two rocket on the left to 1/48-scale.

  Yours truly, Brian Lockett

Goleta Air & Space Museum


Mark Lardas entered his capsules into a modeling convention competition.   Beautiful work Mark, keep spreading the word on cardmodeling!

I've a couple three pix of my version of your Liberty Bell 7...I've done a
total of three and I love every one of them (I can't send you pix of the
other two because they're in Algeria and by now, have been taken to the
present owner's home).

Absolutely great CD...SEND ME MORE!


This is your intrepid designer Dan, with his 1.1 scale capsule in Los Angeles. ;)


Keep sending your letters and photos to