America's first space pioneers. This pioneering program was groundbreaking at every step. Each model features  mission specific details.

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May 5, 1961 Saw Alan Shepard as America's 1st man in space on-board  Freedom 7.  A 15 minute suborbital flight

July 21, 1961 launch with Astronaut Gus Grissom.  A 15 minute suborbital flight . This spacecraft was lost at sea for almost 40 years.

On February 20, 1962 John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth.

Aurora 7
Launched May 24, 1962 with Astronaut Scott Carpenter at the controls

Sigma 7
Astronaut Walter M. Schirra, Jr  was the 4th American in space. He would go on to fly Gemini and Apollo spacecraft.  October 3, 1962

Faith 7
Astronaut Gordon Cooper chose Faith 7 as the name of his spacecraft  that flew October 3, 1962. He completed 22 orbits and was the last American to fly into space alone.

 Mercury Redstone and Mercury Atlas booster rockets in 1/96th scale. These are the two vehicles that lifted the Mercury vehicles into space.