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 In November of 1800 John Adams became the first President to occupy the Executive Mansion. Although it appeared very different from the White House we know today it is still recognizable in it's basic features. Adams considered the south the main entrance to the house and the wooden south stairs and porch were used by guests at the first official White House event January 1, 1801. At this point neither the north and south porticoes or the east and west wings had been planned.

  Our series will include three White House models, the original 1800 Executive Mansion, The Lincoln White House 1864 (right) and the Modern White house. Also included will be a model of the Oval Office and various models of  Presidential transportation.


A few interesting White House historic facts

1: The Executive Mansion was one fifth the originally planned size.

2: George Washington personally chose the site for the house and authorized the cornerstone laid on October 13, 1792.

3: During the war of 1812 British General Robert Ross ordered the building torched. The house was destroyed except for the exterior walls which remained.

4: When the White House was renovated last all the layers of paint were stripped off the outside. Underneath were the scorch marks on the stone walls.

5: Although popularly called the White House unofficially almost since the beginning, it wasn't officially declared such until Theodore Roosevelt made it so by decree in 1901