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   The Great Pyramid


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon


The Temple Of Artemis

The Great Statue of Zeus

The Tomb of King Mausolus


The Pharos of Alexandria

 The Colossus at Rhodes


The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World


    Did you know it would have been impossible for anyone to see all seven wonders of the ancient world? By the time the last wonder was built (The Colossus at Rhodes) others had already been destroyed. Of  the seven only one remains standing today. The oldest wonder and only surviving wonder is the Great Pyramid of  Khufu. Many argue now that the list originally compiled by Greek writers in the fifth century BC was a bit short sighted since they did not encompass the whole world but only what the Greeks knew of it. Still people remain fascinated thousands of years later with these architectural and artistic achievements of the past.



 The Small Wonders Project was originally planned to provide free paper models for rehabilitation therapy purposes to hospitals and rehabilitation centers. This idea came up after Delta 7 Studios chief designer saw how building models helped his Father in Law recover important motor, reasoning and reading skills in the wake of a major stroke. Since the inception of the project many others including educators have asked that we make these models available to everyone.


So here they are. The models will be released one at a time over a period of months. Along with each model a base and history will be made available. We hope you enjoy these models and that they bring a bit of wonder to your life.



This model series is dedicated to my Father in Law Tom, who's strength, faith and tenacity made him fight harder than anyone I’ve ever known and become more than he was before. Because of that strength you’ve survived to become a “Wonder” to your three grandchildren.  - Dan


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